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The Original Monero


We are an organization that have decided to break off from the Monero Project to start Monero 0. We’ve decided that the Monero Project’s strategy to continuously hard fork is no longer a stable or a sane strategy. We believe that Satoshi’s Proof of Work is the only mechanism for decentralized consensus.

The so-called "network upgrades" that are centrally mandated by the Monero Project are a trojan horse designed to compromise the effectiveness of Proof of Work in the Monero network. Monero 0 is not a fork, it is the original Monero.


Is Monero 0 a hard fork from Monero?

No. Monero hard forked from itself when updating to version 12 from 11. We are fully compatible with version 11 of the Monero Network.

Why are you against hard forking?

We believe the decision to hard fork was made by a small group of developers in a unilateral manner. The hard fork compromises the security provided by Proof of Work.

Is Monero 0 premined?

No. Premine would be impossible.

Is this an ICO?


How do I get Monero 0

If you have Monero, you will already have the equivalent amount of Monero 0.

Do you have replay protection?

No. It is on the responsibility of the cryptocurrency that is hard forking to implement replay protection. To avoid replay attacks, users should simultaneously transfer their balances to new seperate wallets on Monero and Monero 0. For more information regarding replay attack and replay protection, please consult this resources here:

How is this project related to Monero V?

We are not associated with Monero V. They plan to hard fork from Monero (not Monero 0) after the hard fork to version 12.


We have pre-release downloads for all major OSes. They are open source on Github. The latest direct binary links are below for your convenience. Or go to the releases page on Github yourself by clicking here.

Notes for this release

This a pre-release for Monero 0

Binaries below are Monero v11.1.0. Seeds have not been updated so you may need to run monerod with argument “--add-peer IP_ADDRESS” where IP_ADDRESS is one of our nodes listed below in order to find Monero 0 peers). ( ( (

The "donate" command will also donate to the Monero Project donation address and not to the Monero 0 donation address.

Proper release will be incoming.

Supporting the Project

Monero 0 development can be supported directly through donations.

The Monero 0 donation address is:

The Bitcoin donation address is: